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The PraxisIFM Group, which is listed on The International Stock Exchange, is one of the largest independent, financial services groups, headquartered in the Channel Islands.

Cavendish Corporate Investments PCC

Cavendish Corporate Investments PCC('Cavendish') have provided a bespoke range of private annuity contracts and personal pension plans from our offices in Guernsey for the past ten years and has recently been granted regulated status.

Annuities can take various forms but are generally established to provide the annuitant with an income for a set number of years, or for the rest of their lifetime. Certain types of annuities can guarantee a set level of income whilst others may adjust in line with investment returns. Cavendish offer two main forms of annuity; Fixed Term or Lifetime. For further information about our annuity solutions, please see the individual website pages.

Our range of personal pension plans can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with our annuity contracts to offer a single retirement solution.

We do not provide any personal tax or financial advice in relation to the range of plans we offer, but we will work closely with advisors to implement and administer the most appropriate plan for the individual client's needs.

Important notice: Cavendish offers retirement annuities to pension schemes and pension scheme members. It does not offer retirement annuities to individuals. Annuity payments are payable for the life of the annuitant or the agreed fixed term, depending on the type of annuity taken, in accordance with the requirements of the 1975 Guernsey Income Tax Act (as amended). Levels of payment are not guaranteed because Cavendish annuities do not provide any element of life cover. As such, if the annuity fund falls to zero, the annuity will cease, and if the annuitant dies, any remaining fund will continue to pay benefits to the annuitant’s dependants until the value falls to zero or the fixed term concludes, depending on the type of annuity taken. For the avoidance of doubt Cavendish does not write any guaranteed purchased life annuities and is not licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission to effect or carry out contracts to pay annuities on human life, in accordance with The Insurance Business (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2002.

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Originally established in 1972 the PraxisIFM Group, which is listed on The International Stock Exchange, is one of the largest independent, financial services groups headquartered in the Channel Islands.

The Group has around 400 staff across its global network and its core activities are Private Wealth and Corporate Services, Pension Administration and International Expansion Services.

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Part of the PraxisIFM Group, Trireme Pension Services provide cross border retirement solutions for personal and corporate clients from its offices in Guernsey and Malta.

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